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The Department Student Council represents all students who study within the Classics Department. We facilitate relationships between students and professors through our events and we create resources that will aid in Classical Studies. We also administer the USATs through our class representatives as well. Through our position on the Department Student Council Assembly and our voting seat on Faculty Board, we are a lobbying faction for the Classics Department. We also run a number of events that create a social environment for undergraduate students, professors and graduate students. Some of the DSC events include: Tea with Profs, Beer with Profs, Classics Banquet, and Classics Night Out.

We consist of an executive including the President (Helen Anderson), Vice President (Reagan Patrick) and two Social Chairs (Nichole Perrera, Ian Longo). In addition to the Executive, there is a council of general Class Representatives.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at qclassicsdsc@gmail.com

N.B. All students are welcome to join us at our weekly meetings!

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